Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Our Preventative Maintenance Inspection is designed to give you an overall status of your machine.  We will cover all aspects of your individual machine, as most are customer specific.  Some items the technician will be able to repair or adjust while performing the inspection.  Other items will require parts or additional labor to repair.  TSG provides a detailed service report that outlines all of the work performed as well as a detailed description of issues that need attention.  This preventative maintenance inspection report will be emailed or faxed to the appropriate personnel at your facility.

  • Review the overall configuration of the machine.
  • Thoroughly test all functions of the machine.
  • Verify the levelness of the machine.
  • Check all of the electrical connections.
  • Check all of the pneumatic connections.
  • Examine the lubrication system.
  • Thoroughly check all of the axis ballscrews.
  • Checkout the rack and pinion assembly (NCW machines only).
  • Inspect all axis rails and bearings.
  • Verify that the vacuum circuitry is functioning properly.
  • Thoroughly inspect all the router motors.
  • Verify the operational status of the Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) (If required).

Please call us at 360-659-5263 or complete our service request form to set up a preventative maintenance inspection on your machine.

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