The Service Group of Washington is the best choice for your CNC parts and service needs. We support many different brands of CNC machines. Please take the time to check out our website to see the many CNC services that we have available to help you keep your machines in good working order.

TSG is pleased to announce that we have entered into a new partnership with Precision Drive Systems (PDS) to provide our customers with a new option for their existing equipment. Our relationship with PDS allows us to expand our lines of available replacement hi-speed spindles and integrate your machine to the current industry standards.  We now have the ability to improve your machine by installing newer, faster, stronger motors.  Your spindles and machines may be able to be upgraded.  Please contact us to see if your current or pending product lines can benefit from this improvement.  We can discuss the possibilities of updating your current machine rather than replacing it.  TSG will be selling the new motors and parts necessary to integrate them to your existing machines.

If integration with new hi-speed spindles is not the option you prefer and would like to have your spindles evaluated for rebuild, TSG can assist you in that area as well.  Please complete our Customer Spindle Repair Request form.

The Service Group continues to be your Shoda CNC service provider.  We have an extremely wide selection of Shoda Parts as well as other makers’ CNC parts. TSG is here for you to be your CNC service provider on the many different machines in your facility.